Creating Picturesque Scenery through Plants
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Plant Rentals & Landscape Designs in Haleiwa, Hawaii

Bring the beauty of nature to your property with plant rentals and landscape design services from Dorr to Paradise of Haleiwa, Hawaii. We design, install, and maintain tropical interior and exterior landscapes for businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

Orchid, Plant Rentals in Haleiwa, HI

Chances are, you've seen our work and didn't know it. Our orchids and plants beautify so many local businesses in Honolulu and throughout Oahu, that we are well known for our spectacular displays. We have many hotels in Waikiki, car dealerships in Honolulu and fine restaurants all over Oahu that feature our beautiful orchid and tropical displays.  We can help If you too would like to bring out the aloha feeling that so many Hawaiian companies are trying to relate to their clients.  Let us create your trouble-free answer to a healthier environment, whether it be to live, work, or play, by emailing us today.

Fresh Displays Guaranteed
Your environment is upgraded with a variety of fresh orchids and plants that ensure each display is unique, colorful, and truly one-of-a-kind. We offer quality and scientific assessments on each rotation, ensuring expertise on ways to keep your displays fresh. We are also plugged into the plant network so that we are well supplied. Please visit our portfolio page to see some fine examples of our work.

Contact us today to request plant rentals for your commercial or residential space.

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